Design Office :  Tony Ip Green Architects
Client :              Kowloon Technical School Alumni Association Ltd.
Location :          Kowloon Technical School ​​​​​​​

Program :         Feature Wall Facade Uplift
Year :                2021
Status :             Built
Team :               Tony Ip, William Ho

The 60th Anniversary of Kowloon Technical School
Feature wall 
To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the school and to mark the evolution of industrial education and industrial development, this memorial wall was sponsored and designed.
The memorial wall is divided into four parts, representing different stages of industrial development. The upper left is Industry 1.0, which is the era of mechanized production; the upper right is Industry 2.0, which is automated production driven by electricity; and the lower right is Industry 3.0, which is the era of electronic digitalization. A set of binary codes written "KTS1961" is hidden within. Last but not least, the lower-left represents Industry 4.0, the era of IoT that we live in. The memorial wall implies that the school keeps pace with the times, closely follows the pace of industrial development, and marches into the future

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