Design Office :  Tony Ip Green Architects
Client :              Environmental Protection Department (HKSAR Government) / Zhen Hua Engineering Co. Ltd.
Location :          Cheung Chau, Hong Kong & Pui O, Hong Kong ​​​​​​​

Program :         Art Installation, Urban Funiture
Year :                2022
Status :             Built
Team :               Tony Ip, William Ho, Beverly Tsui

The bench design references the eco-shoreline in I · PARK. By creating a contrast of a wavy form seating vs solid concrete-like backseat, the bench reminds users the new I · PARK also serves as a safe home for sea animals. The bench is made by local reclaimed wood, that fallen down because of the typhoon, giving these “waste” a second life.
Half of the bench is currently located at I · PARK information centre (Cheung Chau), the other half is located at I · PARK information centre (Pui O). The will reunion when I · PARK is built and serves as public urban furniture.

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