Location : Sudbury, Canada ​​​​​​​
Program : Warming Hut
Year : 2016
Status : Built
Team : Muriel Barker, Kendra Buckland, Steven Castillo, Max Vos Coupal, Simao DaSilva, Brooke Fecteau, Vennice de Guzman, Kristina Hakala, William Ho, Emily Hurtubise, Arham Jamshaid, Patrick Karpierz, Patrick Pillah, Linton Pinto, Alexander Scali, Stephen Scanlan, Andrew Watt
Nestled on Bitimagamasing, the traditional lands of the Atikameksheng Anishnawbek, the Winter Station provides wind shelter along a frequented skating path. Offering a space for the community to change, chat, and bond in severe cold. 
The station is crafted exclusively with hand tools and wood joints and uses wood from a nearby local producer. The Winter Station is designed to gracefully sink into the lake and break up as spring arrives, embracing a natural degradation process in harmony with the changing seasons.

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