Location : Sudbury, Canada
Program : Installation
Year : 2020
Status : Competition - Winning proposal 
Awarded : 2020 Sudbury Nuit Blanche "Golden Boarder" 
Invitation : 2020 Up Here Festival
TeamLivingston Boyd, Derek Chylinski, William Ho, Brandon Saunders, Saman Soltani, Shi Shenglan
Amplitude is an exploration in 3-Dimensional mathematics using perpendicular Sine waves through linear and rotational movement. Using a continuous cycling motion, the distance between the rotating arm and the central axis changes the relative distance to each part of the outer circle. this creates the change of Amplitude and the appearance of horizontal movement while only creating vertical strokes. Mathematics in design is an often-overlooked aspect of the craft, perceived as a burden of the process rather than a tool for exploration. Using nothing more than the physical manifestation of the Sine equation, a continuous, yet transparent moving form is created. ​​​​​​​

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